Based in Singapore, Gordon Tang is known to the world as a real estate tycoon and magnet with interests in global markets. Mr. Tang has been actively involved in Singapore real estate, where he has been investing in condos and strata offices with his wife Mrs. Celine Tang. However, the major leap happened in 2012, when Tangs acquired a controlling interest of 62.2% in what now is known as the SingHaiyi Group. While he is non-executive director of SingHaiyi, Gordon Tang does have a direct stake in the company through holding company, Haiyi Holdings. With his guidance and through strategic partnerships, SingHaiyi has managed to acquire many assets in the US, China and Malaysia, and it is now known to develop and initiate many residential projects in different markets.

SingHaiyi also plans to complete a 550-unit condo project in San Francisco Bay, California and has successfully managed The Vales – a 500+ condo project in Sengkang. For Mr. Tang, the market has just opened, and he is keen on exploring many more options. In fact, his interests lie in acquiring assets globally, so that SingHaiyi is perceived as a strong force rather than another overseas developer.  To know more, please check the website of SingHaiyi.